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Butterfly Printed Dress

Butterfly Printed Dress

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Let your little princess flutter into a world of wonder with our delightful Butterfly Printed Dress. With adjustable spaghetti straps and a hem that flows like a gentle breeze, it's designed for whimsical twirls and playful spins. The above-the-knee length adds a touch of elegance, while the breathable fabric ensures your little one stays cool and comfortable, no matter where her imagination takes her. Perfect for every occasion, it's sure to make your little girl the center of attention, captivating hearts with her undeniable charm and grace.


  1. Soft cotton and polyester combined fabric.
  2. Breathable and suitable for sensitive skin.
  3. Above-the-knee length.
  4. Flowy hem.
  5. Adjustable spaghetti straps.


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